Interreligious prayer for May 14, 2020, Day of Prayer, Fasting and Works of Charity

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity proposes Thursday, 14 May 2020 as a Day
of prayers, fasting, and works of charity for the good of all humanity.

In this regard, the Committee invites leaders and peoples around the world to respond to this call together

Join the common prayer with this prayer developed by the Interreligious Forum for Peace of the Canadian Center for Ecumenism!

“We are living at a time that is both disturbing and amazing, a time that is dangerous and where nothing preserves the soul… As members of faith communities, being aware of the true value of the spiritual life, we carry a great responsibility and we must live up to it, together we must help each other to create places of refuges for spiritual peace.” We come together today, the14th of May 2020, on this fasting day of prayer and charitable works, in order to implore God to preserve the world, to help us to overcome this pandemic, to restore security, health, and prosperity. Together we pray that once the pandemic is over, humanity may come to know the true value of the spiritual life, to grant a larger place to human brotherhood, and to protect life and Creation. (Inspired by Mother Genevieve Micheli, 1938)