Dr Arruda Press Conference

Dr Arruda presented a press conference this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. at the CIUSSS in Quebec.
The first question asked referred to the article from the Journal de Québec published today:

Below you have the video link of this press conference with Dr. Arruba’s answer to the article starting at min. 22:00:

Here is a summary of the first question and Dr. Arruda’s answer:
He states that the number of 50 people is not intended for churches (by extension to places of worship), but rather for festivals, which are strictly prohibited.
As for churches (and places of worship) as long as physical distance is respected, people wear the mask and there is no chanting, it is fine to have more than 50 persons.
He announced that very soon, the limit of persons in the places of worship would be lifted.
I believe that on this basis, each religious group is able to make the decision that is appropriate for its group.