Declaration for Indigenous People

Under the patronage of the Canadian Center for Ecumenism, the members of the Interfaith Forum for Peace, representing different faith communities, would like to express their support for the Indigenous, Inuit and Métis communities following the tragic and heartbreaking discovery of the remains of 215 unidentified children from a boarding school in British Columbia.

As an interfaith dialogue group that has been working for several years on issues of peace and social justice, we are deeply aware of the pain that you are experiencing.

We remain convinced that reconciliation is realized through the expression and sharing of our joint sorrows, by welcoming of each other unconditionally, and through collective prayers. When words are not enough, we keep a moment of silence. This is exactly what we have done to express our solidarity with you.

We wish you much courage.

Interreligious Forum for Peace
Canadian Center for Ecumenism