Christian – Jewish Dialogue of Montreal (CJDM)

The Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal, a not-for-profit corporation, is composed of representatives of various sponsoring organizations, who come together on a regular basis in order to build and strengthen mutual understanding and support between Christian and Jewish communities.

We are committed to these principles of dialogue:

Dialogue recognizes the inherent worth of the other and so ensures that the dialogue partners define and express themselves.
Dialogue depends on active listening in order to understand the other and to appreciate common elements and differences.
Dialogue never seeks the religious conversion of the other.
Dialogue encourages the honest exchange of ideas and opinions, providing opportunities for discussion of contemporary issues and respectful consideration of painful and difficult subjects.

Anti-Semitism represents the violation of these principles and of the Seelisberg Declaration (appended), which informs our dialogue. Anti-Semitism today, and in our shared history, is one of the key concerns motivating the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal.
Members of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal affirm that they have discovered a deeper appreciation of the traditions of their dialogue partners while developing a more profound commitment to their own.


Reports and statements

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