Launch song Kune

Release of the new song Kune by artist Geneviève Labbé

Victoriaville, November 24, 2021 – Singer-songwriter Geneviève Labbé will present her new song Kune on December 1st during a videoconference launch at 7 pm, along with the musicians-artists who participated in the musical project. The event, which will be broadcast live on the Artists for Peace Facebook page, will celebrate the release of the new song and explain the creative process of this collaborative work that brings together artists from around the world.

This collaborative work brings together First Nation, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Baha’i and Buddhist artists. Geneviève Labbé, Fran Avni and Gustaff Besungu had met at the Interfaith Peace Festival in Montreal in 2019 organised by Interreligious Forum for Peace.  As this festival could not take place in 2020, the Canadian Center for Ecumenism launched a call to artists for the creation of a collective work.  These three artists set out to create the song together and Geneviève Labbé invited several other artists to contribute.

“The word Kune means ‘together’ in Esperanto,” explains Geneviève Labbé. This song had been evolving in me for 3 years, and to produce it, I wanted to bring together artists that life had put on my path. Finally, the collective creation brings together more than 15 artists from all over the world (Apache, Innu, Peul, Jew, Quebecois, Indian, Cameroonian, Bengali, Persian, etc.)!   It is a song that we created out of friendship, inhabited by voices that are both free and united. It speaks of harmony, openness and hope. To bring out the beauty of the human being, it is one of the most beautiful things that art can do”, ends the artist.

The music was composed by Geneviève Labbé on piano and the arrangements were composed with Ovide Coudé on bass, Khosrow Maghsoudi on Persian kamânche and Jean-François Sauriol on cello.

To view the launch event (Wednesday December 1st, 7 pm), visit the Artists for Peace page:énismeCanadian-Centre-for-Ecumenism-164298790249210/

Youtube link for the KUNE music video (released at 8 pm December 1st, 2021):

About Geneviève Labbé
Geneviève Labbé is a singer-songwriter. In 2008, she created the children’s album Sous un même soleil,  whose songs she performed in nearly 200 concerts in Quebec and India. In 2015 she released her album Dunes, with pop-jazz fusions and mystical themes.  An artist committed to peace, she has been involved in cultural mediation projects for several years, including the musical La rivière en toi. In parallel to her many artistic projects, Geneviève Labbé works with refugee families arriving in Quebec.


Roman Orona: Apache singer-songwriter, actor and director living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lauryna Tshernish-Grégoire: Young Innu singer from Uashat, has participated in Petite Vallée en chanson and in collaborations with Florent Vollant, Scott Pien-Picard and Shauit.

Ilam: Popular singer-songwriter from Montreal, of Senegalese origin, has received several awards including Révélation musique du monde by Radio-Canada (2016)
and the ADISQ (2020)

Gustaff Besungu: Singer-songwriter and percussionist of Cameroonian origin, he recently moved from Montreal to settle in the Madelaine Islands.  In KUNE, he plays the djembes and sings with his wife, Mira-Clair Lepage, and their baby.

Surojit Chatterjee: Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, well known and loved in India, especially in his home city of Calcutta.

Fran Avni: Hebrew singer-songwriter who has directed several projects and choirs from her base in Montreal.

Robin Gorn: Montreal-based singer and multi-disciplinarian artist of diverse backgrounds.

Ianne Neome Sanico: Singer originally from Manila, Philippines has been living in Quebec for several years. This artist is dedicated to promoting the rights of foreign workers.

Indra Singh: Artist-sculptor who grew up on the banks of the Ganges in India, is known for his visionary approach to ecological themes. He has lived in Quebec for 20 years.

Guest musicians and members of the group Mosaïque Musique (Saguenay Lac St-Jean):

Ovide Coudé (bass)

Khosrow Maghsoudi (Persian kamânche)

Jean-François Sauriol (cello)